Address:Lviv, Vynnychenka St., 30
Phone number: +38 (032) 2970627 , +38 (032) 2970628
Fax: +38 (032) 2971756

PRAT Gal-EXPO has more than twenty years experience in a variety of presentations. The main focus of the PRAT Gal-EXPO is the organization and conduct of international exhibitions and presentations.

PJSC Gal-EXPO provides exhibitors a wide range of services:

1. Construction Exposition
- Building a turnkey other exhibitions organizers.
- Computer design, followed by construction of custom individual stands
- Hardware mass sports and entertainment activities, including the construction of scenes, podiums and other design elements.

2. Advertising services:
- Advertising in the official advertising and newsletters exhibitions;
- Additional advertising design exhibition stands;
- Advertising poster on stands, posters, exhibitions;
- Visual and audio advertising in the room where the exhibition;
- Distribution of promotional materials promoters and organizers from the stand;
- Sending promotional materials poster with newsletters about the exhibition.

3. Event
PJSC Gal-EXPO provides a wide range of services for organizing business events: exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars, presentations and more.

4. Additional Services
PJSC Gal-EXPO as exhibition organizer provides participants with a range of additional services in the preparation and exposure of the stand. (Cooler, Internet access, audio and video equipment, projection devices. Individual services of technical personnel, consulting and legal services, etc.)
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